The pro golfer next door

    For the last couple of weeks, I've let the poll question (see left column) run longer than I typically do because it seemed to be generating a little more interest than other poll questions.  Not surprisingly, the top vote getter (with five votes) as the preferred next-door neighbor is Tiger Woods.  A few others, as you can tell if you click on "Results," are tied with one vote apiece.  Three golfers received no support:  Freddy is in a Funk, Phil isn't thrilled, and Vijay fans aren't singing.
    I cast my vote for Jim Furyk.  Tiger won't have time to chat now that the baby is here.  David Toms and Ernie Els don't seem like all that much fun: and although Zach Johnson looks like even less fun, I bet there would never be any loud parties at the Johnson house (except after winning a major).  Chris DiMarco is a bit intense; I'd be scared to let him near the dog (or vice versa).  And Padraig Harrington plays so many tournaments in Europe, I'd wind up taking out his garbage each week and checking that the cat's fed.
    Furyk doesn't look like the kind of guy who would own a cat, although he may have learned how to swing a golf club by practicing with one.  That's the best thing about being Furyk's next-door neighbor; I don't think I'd be tempted to embarrass myself by asking him for swing tips.
    I'll let the poll question run a few more days so that all precincts report.  Thanks for voting.