What golf communities don’t tell you in their brochures, we do in Home On The Course

        If it weren’t the law, cigarette packs, child car seats, and mutual funds (“past performance is no predictor of future performance”) would carry no safety warnings.  The most expensive pack of cigarettes, tax included, costs $14.  A home in an upscale golf community can cost $1 million and more.  And yet you won’t find any warnings posted in their sales office.

        Consider the July issue of our free newsletter, Home On The Course, your guide to some of the key questions to ask when shopping for a golf community home.  How stable is the golf club?  Does the developer have a completion plan for the community…and the deep pockets to support it?  What’s the better deal -– an equity golf membership or non-equity?   Forewarned is forearmed in our July issue, ready for mailing later this week.

        Also, Greenville, SC, is rising to a place of prominence on more and more “best places to live” lists.  We’ve been to Greenville and understand the sentiment.  With a thriving downtown restaurant and cultural scene, the city -- known to some as “G-Vegas” -- provides an entertaining respite from the quiet, remote golf communities in the upstate region of South Carolina.  In the July issue, we turn to Greenville real estate professional Lee Cunningham for a current assessment of Greenville's real estate market, including The Cliffs Communities, Thornblade Club and others.

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