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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boxgroove founder comments on the dilemmas private golf clubs face

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        Our November newsletter, which focused on the challenges private golf clubs face in the current economy, caught the attention of McRedmond Morelli, the founder of Boxgroove.  Boxgroove cleverly matches golfers with a bit of disposable income and desire to play private courses with private clubs that need to generate extra revenue to keep the lawnmowers gassed up and their staffs paid.  We have written here about Boxgroove a few times (use the term “Boxgroove” in the search box in the right column).

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Here are McRedmond’s comments:

        I enjoyed this month's newsletter and found the razor analogy most appropriate.  You came close to really calling out our industry; just cutting price on initiation won't solve the problem.  Yes, Aron Rolston [hero of the  new movie "127 Hours"] survived, but most would die of the catastrophic wound that was self-inflicted.  Clubs need to reinvent their programming and show members why they need to be there.  Club membership is more than golf, more than Sunday Brunch.  I can learn to play chess at night, learn Chinese cooking from the club's chef or have access to great in-depth and interesting content on the club's web site.  But with today's economic reality, the more value a club can show members, the greater likelihood that they will join (and stay).  We started Boxgroove to give both the private club member a benefit to play at other facilities and the opportunity for his/her club to remain healthy and vibrant with a little extra income from green fees.  Private club members don't like the thought of shouldering the burden of assessments and dues increases, and Boxgroove can help prevent this.

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