Coming Soon to Golf Communities: Major Hurricanes?

Hurricane Beryl, the earliest Category 5 storm ever, and what it portends for this summer, should scare the bejesus out of folks who own homes on the east and Gulf coasts. And for those searching for a golf community home, one website dedicated to assessing flood risk and other natural hazards could potentially save you thousands in flood insurance premiums by pointing you to drier land. That is the lead feature in the upcoming July issue of Home On The Course, our mostly monthly newsletter.

We also report on a major decision in Florida about the limits of frivolous decisions by homeowner associations. The days are over in the Sunshine State for busybody HOAs telling their members what color they can paint their door hinges or how long they can keep their holiday lights strung on their homes. We can’t say Florida being the first state to protect homeowners from silly laws was at the top of our bingo cards, but as a member of a condo association in South Carolina, I for one hope it spreads.

Occasionally, I see something in the media about golf communities that irks me. It double irks me when I see it repeated. It triple irks me when the media stirs the pot to create a phony conflict. With no evidence beyond one or two anecdotes, some media have decided that Millennials moving to golf communities pose a threat to Baby Boomers’ life, liberty and their pursuits of happiness. The evidence of this non-existent trend were pretty much the silly and selfish reactions of one California couple dopey enough to buy a home near the site of a major, annual music festival. Duh.

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Stay safe and dry.

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