Something New Under the Sun

At a well-traveled 74 years of age, there isn’t much I haven’t seen. But on my ride back to Connecticut Wednesday from a round of golf played in 90-degree heat in New York State, I spotted a tableau beside the road that was a first for me: Cows, on a hot day, hanging out in the shade of colorful umbrellas. The scene was on a farm in Canaan, CT, beside State Highway 44, and I was struck by how each of the calves was positioned under an umbrella and savvy enough to stand in its shade. I snapped the photo below.

Contented Cows in Canaan

This is my week to be impressed by the animal kingdom. Today, I received a note from the company that works for the Pawleys Plantation Property Owners Association. The community had been pretty much overrun by herds of wild hogs in recent months, and a new company was hired to bait and trap them. This week alone, a total of 22 hogs were caught, 16 alone on Wednesday night. No word on whether a barbecue is planned.


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