Some Kind of Heaven feels a bit like hell

        I don’t recall ever having reviewed a movie in this space or in my monthly newsletter, Home On The Course, which will be mailed out to subscribers in the next two days. (It is free for the asking, by the way.)  
        But word of a new documentary called Some Kind of Heaven caught my eye and, on Sunday afternoon, I rented it to watch at home with my wife. The context for the film is the famous – some might say “infamous” -- The Villages in north central Florida, a community that spans two counties and is home to more than 125,000 seniors. Those assuming this is a film that has an obvious point of view about The Villages may be surprised. Yes, the film does poke a little fun at some excesses; for example, the community is home to more than 3,000 social clubs, and to reinforce the point, the directors introduce a dozen or so members of one club.
        “Hi, I’m Elaine,” says the first, “I’m Elaine…I’m Elaine…” and so it goes for the rest of the couple of dozen members of The Villages' “Elaine Club.”
        Some Kind of Heaven focuses more on two single people and a couple more than it does on The Villages, which serves as both background and context. You may find the film depressing, but you shouldn't be bored. My review is included in the next edition of my free Home On The Course newsletter. Subscribe here.
        I also write about the amusing side of golf in this new edition of the newsletter. I feature an overview of a web site I stumbled upon recently that doesn’t take golf too seriously but, at the same time, provides a lot of information about the game. Stick and Hack is nothing to joke about, although if you subscribe for free you will receive a golf joke in your inbox every Friday. More on this unusual new website in the next Home On The Course. Subscribe for free here.


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