Bad at golf prognostication; pretty good at golf communities, thankfully

        For those faithful and close readers of this blog site, you will recall that last week I made the not-so-bold prediction that Tiger Woods would likely win the Masters (he wuz robbed!) and the much bolder prediction that South African Louis Oosthuizen might pull an upset. Tiger finished in a tie for 5th, and Louis – known on tour as “Shrek” for cartoon like visage, played like an ogre and didn’t make the cut.

        Clearly, I should put aside any pretensions at crystal ball golf and stick to writing about golf communities. Speaking of which, we just sent out our latest edition of our free monthly newsletter, Home On The Course, to our

Lot sales are helping new owners of previously cash strapped communities to pay down debt in short order.

1,000 or so subscribers. For those wondering how new ownership of some of the South’s premier golf communities could affect your buying decision, we look at a few of the more noteworthy communities, like Reynolds Plantation in Georgia, The Cliffs Communities in the Carolina mountains, and Balsam Mountain Preserve, whose new owners have developed a business model for formerly “distressed” properties that is helping them to pay down debt quickly.


You can buy a lot at Grand Harbor golf community and build your dream home for around $300,000.  Similar bargains are still available at some of the South's best golf communities.


        We also asked some of our favorite real estate professionals to clue us in on the best-valued golf-view lots in their communities and what the local going rates for construction are. We do the math for those contemplating building their dream home on a golf course in a choice southern golf community (prices for a brand new house built to your specifications range from $302,000 to $662,000).

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