A gift for this Father’s Day…and future ones

        I am not playing golf today. I am at our non-golf community home in Connecticut, and I’d have to drive 25 minutes to play, wait a bit to tee off, play a round that would take about 4 ½ hours, be sociable and stop for a post-round libation (and lunch) with my foursome before the 25-minute drive back home for a quick shower and then a sink into the easy chair in front of the TV for U.S. Open coverage.  I don’t want to risk missing a minute of play; watching every second of the toughest, most competitive

If you live in a golf community home, you can play golf and then make it to your easy chair for U.S. Open coverage even before Johnny Miller starts criticizing a player's practice swings on the range.

golf tournament has become a welcome and looked-forward-to Father’s Day routine over a number of years.  Being served food in front of the TV isn’t bad either, one day a year.

        But if I were at our golf vacation home in Pawleys Plantation in South Carolina, I could walk the 200 yards to the first tee, play my round, stop for a beer and lunch and still make it back well before Johnny Miller starts criticizing somebody’s practice swings.  It may seem like a small thing –- being able to get to the first tee in under five minutes –- but on days when you have a personal deadline, whether it is the U.S. Open, an overseas call from a son or daughter, or a blog article about golf communities that you absolutely must post by a certain time, proximity is a big deal.

        And, therefore, for all you fathers out there who dream of the convenience of a home beside a golf course, this is as good a day as any for me to say, one father to another, “It can’t hurt to start looking.”  Contact me and I will send you a no-obligation questionnaire that will help you –- and me -– assess your particular requirements in a golf home.  Fill it out (with your wife’s input, please), send it back to me and I will be pleased to offer you some initial suggestions about what areas and what particular golf communities best match your requirements.  After that, we can arrange for a phone conversation to refine the search and find you a golf home in which you can watch the U.S. Open for the next 20 years or more.

        Private and semi-private golf clubs have drastically cut their membership fees and property prices to their lowest in a decade, but they are starting to show signs of a rebound.  Even if you are not ready to buy a home now, it cannot hurt to start looking and prepare for later. Golf communities are offering attractively priced “discovery packages” that provide lodging, golf and other goodies.

        There is absolutely no charge for this assistance in finding your dream home on a golf course.  Call it a Father’s Day gift from one father to another.  Contact me today.

-- Larry Gavrich, Editor


Note:  Reasonably priced homes currently listed for sale in Pawleys Plantation and other fine southern golf communities are featured at our companion web site, GolfHomesListed.  By the way, the home that Jack Nicklaus lived in when he built the Pawleys Plantation golf course in 1988 is currently listed for sale at GolfHomesListed.

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