AARP weighs in on best overseas retirement locations

        We wrote here the other day that International Living magazine had anointed Ecuador as the best place for Americans to settle in retirement.  In its latest issue, AARP magazine provides its take on the best places to retire abroad.  Ecuador is not on the list, but the

One American retiree in Portugal says "I can play golf 12 months a year."  She pays just $1,000 a month for her large apartment.

magazines overlap on their recommendations of Mexico, Panama, Italy and France.  AARP, which focuses on specific towns more than the countries, adds Cascais, Portugal to its list and mentions the abundance of golf courses in the area. "I can play golf 12 months a year, and there are plenty of activities," says one retiree the magazine interviewed.  She pays $1,000 a month for a large apartment; homes near the beach in Cascais are available for $250,000 and up.

        A retirement home outside the U.S. is a far fetch for many Americans who worry about language and security issues, as well as distance from children and other relatives.  But consider an apartment at $1,000 per month that is within walking distance of the ocean and good restaurants, and an easy drive to multiple golf courses.  Compare that $12,000 per year with, say, a second home in a U.S. golf community in which taxes, homeowner fees, and club dues well exceed $12,000 annually.  At $1,000 per month, you could use the apartment less than 12 months per year and not feel too guilty about it (or you could rent it out to other Americans who might just be looking for a month or two).

        A home overseas may not be for everyone, but for those with a little adventure in their soul, it is worth considering.  For AARP’s list of its top 10 places to retire overseas, click here.

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