Sour grapes and whine: Golf Channel wimps out on Ginn saga

    I don't have much to say about last night's feeble attempt at investigative journalism by the Golf Channel because the show didn't really have much new to say about the Bobby Ginn saga.  No interviews with former Ginn employees or experts in the industry.  No discussion of Ginn's earlier career on Hilton Head and allegations of his dubious dealings there in the 1980s.  No guidance for potential buyers of high-end properties about how to protect themselves in the face of over-aggressive marketing and potentially false claims of value.
    Instead, the show paraded a grab bag of speculators and other naïve and greedy folks to complain about being duped into believing that a deal too good to be true actually was.  The show focused on perhaps Ginn's biggest bust, Bella Collina, located in the overbuilt area of central Florida, with plenty of shots of overgrown lots and empty homes.  About the only piece of "news" was that Ginn salespeople may have cooked the books by advertising selling prices for two lots as if they were one, thereby overvaluing the less attractive, unsold lots.  
    That Ginn was able to get more than $1 million for lots in the middle of nowhere and adjacent to a toxic lake is testimony to the greed and stupidity that makes possible companies like Ginn in the first place.  

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