Just not fair: Tiger at the Masters

    Last night, I watched my home state Lady Huskies of the University of Connecticut toy with the University of Louisville Lady Cardinals in the NCAA basketball championship game.  A bunch of Xena the Warrior women vs little girls was the way it seemed.  Just not fair.  It recalled the great Secretariat winning the Belmont Stakes and horse racing’s vaunted Triple Crown…by more than 20 lengths over a field that, comparatively, looked like those ponies my kids rode as toddlers.  Just not fair.
    Which brings me around to Tiger Woods.  Today, as we do every year, a friend and I will wager a few friendly

Tiger or the field?  Who will win the Masters?  Vote above right.

bucks on who will win the Masters golf tournament, which begins tomorrow morning.  We will alternate five picks each.  Tiger, of course, is the prohibitive favorite, twice as likely to win –- according to the odds makers –- as his nearest competitor, Phil Mickelson.   I am hoping my friend agrees we should just drop Tiger from the picks and play for the highest finish in the tournament.  If he let me pick Tiger, I’d give him the next five picks –- including, probably, Mickelson, Els, Ogilvy, possibly Singh, Casey, Goosen…the usual suspects.  I don’t think he’ll take the offer. 
     Consider this:  If your life or net worth depended on it, would you take Tiger or the other 105 players as a group?  Seems like a good poll question.  Please vote (see the column adjacent), and the results will be published on a real-time basis.


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